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Want to learn something new or just improve your skills? Here you will find a variety of classes and workshops in Graz that match your interests.

What classes are available in Graz?

In Graz, you have the opportunity to take part in various classes and workshops. These include cocktail classes, flower wreath making, wine tasting, barbecue classes and many more. Here you can find an overview of all available classes in Graz:

  • Cocktail classes in Graz.
  • Tying flower wreaths in Graz
  • Wine tasting in Graz
  • Drawing courses in Graz
  • Barbecue classes in Graz
  • Photography courses in Graz
  • Cooking classes in Graz
  • Augmented Reality Rally for team events in Graz

How much do classes in Graz cost?

Prices and duration of classes in Graz vary depending on the type of class and the provider.

Classes in GrazDurationCosts
Cocktail classes in Grazapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 69 €
Drawing classes in Grazapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 69 €
Wine tasting in Grazapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 69 €
Photo classes in Grazapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 55-65 €
Cooking classes in Grazapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 69 €
Augmented Reality Rally in Grazapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 99 €

Gift ideas in Graz: Gift card for Graz

Do you want to make your loved ones happy? Then give a confetti gift card for events and courses in Graz now! With our wide selection of classes and workshops in Graz, everyone is guaranteed to find the perfect experience for their taste. A gift that is sure to bring joy and unforgettable experiences!

Plan a team event in Graz

You are looking for team building ideas or want to organize a team event in Graz? Here you can find a lot of different options for an unforgettable team event in the city. Here are some examples:

Team event in GrazNumber of participants
Cocktail class in Grazfrom 8 person
Nude drawing in Grazfrom 8 person
Wine tasting in Grazfrom 8 person
Barbecue class in Grazfrom 8 person
Cooking class in Grazon request
Augmented Reality Rally in Grazon request

Organize a bachelor party in Graz

You are planning an unforgettable bachelor party in Graz and are still looking for suitable activities for you and your friends? We have some suggestions for you, which could exactly meet your requirements. How about a cocktail course or a cooking course? Here you can cook, mix and enjoy together and spend a relaxing time together. No matter which activity you choose, we will make sure that your bachelor party in Graz will be unforgettable!

Why is a trip to Graz worthwhile?

A trip to Graz, the capital of Styria in Austria, is worthwhile for many reasons. The city is known for its rich culture and history, as well as its relaxed atmosphere and culinary delights. A well-known landmark of the city is the Clock Tower, a former 16th century defense tower that has become a symbol of the city. The old town with its narrow streets, historic buildings and the Schlossberg is also an attraction for visitors. Graz is also a city of art and culture, with many museums and galleries, including the Landesmuseum Joanneum, the Kunsthaus Graz and the Museum of History. The Graz Opera and the Schauspielhaus Graz also offer a rich program of theater performances and concerts. A trip to Graz is therefore very enriching and worthwhile.

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