Rum Tasting: An unforgettable journey into the world of rum

Welcome to an extraordinary experience for all rum lovers! A rum tasting is a fascinating opportunity to discover the diversity and flavors of this noble spirit. Immerse yourself in a world of exotic flavors, exquisite distilleries and interesting stories and let yourself be seduced by our selection of Rum Tastings near you.

What is a rum tasting?

A rum tasting is a professionally guided tasting of different rums. It offers you the opportunity to learn more about the production, history, and variety of rum. Under expert guidance, you will discover the nuances and aromas of different rums and learn to distinguish between them. From light and mild rums to dark and intense varieties, – a rum tasting is a sensory journey through the world of rum.

What can you expect at a rum tasting?

A rum tasting is an experience that appeals to all your senses. Here are some highlights that you can expect:

  • Tasting: You'll have the opportunity to sample a selection of premium rums and be impressed by their unique flavor profiles. From caramel-sweet to spicy and smoky rums – each variety has its own unique character.
  • Expertise: Our experienced rum sommelier will give you interesting facts about the history of rum, different production methods and the effects of the distillation process on the taste of rum.
  • Flavor identification: You will train your senses to identify the different flavors in rum. Learn to identify and enjoy the subtle nuances of vanilla, caramel, fruits, and spices.
  • Cocktail creation: Immerse yourself in the way of making cocktails with rum. Our bartender will inspire you and show you how to mix delicious cocktails with different rums.
  • Socializing: Enjoy the rum tasting in pleasant company. Exchange ideas with other participants, share your impressions, and experience the fascination of rum together.

What does a rum tasting cost?

The cost of a rum tasting varies depending on the organizer and the scope of the tasting. As a rule, prices range from €40 to €99 per person.

Rum tastingRum tasting durationRum tasting costs
Rum tastingapprox. 2–4 hoursapprox. 40-98 €
Online rum tasting from homeapprox. 1.5 hoursapprox. 49 €
Rum and chocolate tastingapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 59-80 €
Premium rum tastingapprox. 3-4.75 hoursapprox. 79-95 €
Rum tasting for groupsapprox. 2–3 hoursapprox. 40-99 €

What do you eat at a rum tasting?

Small snacks or tapas are often served at a rum tasting to complement the flavors of the rum. Here are some suggestions for suitable dishes:

  • Cheese platter: A selection of mild and spicy cheeses harmonize wonderfully with the taste of rum.
  • Chocolate: Try different types of chocolate with varying amounts of cocoa. The combination of rum and chocolate is a real treat.
  • Fruits: Fresh fruits such as pineapple, mango, or bananas go well with many rums and bring a fruity note to the tasting.
  • Nuts: Roasted nuts such as cashew or macadamia offer a crisp contrast to the soft and complex flavors of rum.
  • Spicy snacks: Spicy olives, marinated prawns or spicy meatballs are a good complement to intense rums.

Rum tasting as a team event

Would you like to organize an extraordinary team event? How about a rum tasting that takes your employees and colleagues into the fascinating world of rum? A rum tasting team event is not only a fun and enjoyable experience, but also an opportunity to bring the team closer together and make new connections. At our rum tasting team event, you will experience an exciting journey through the world of rum together.

Rum tasting as a gift

Would you like to give someone an extraordinary gift? How about a tasting gift card? This will enable the recipient to take an exciting journey into the world of rum and give him or her an unforgettable taste experience.

A rum tasting as a gift voucher offers the perfect opportunity to discover high-quality rums, learn interesting background information and explore the variety of flavor profiles. It is a gift that will take both rum lovers and novices into the fascinating world of rum. Whether alone, with a partner or in a group of friends, – a rum tasting is always an enjoyable and sociable experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of rum!

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