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Music classes offer the opportunity to unleash your musical creativity and learn new skills. Whether for beginners or advanced musicians, music workshops offer a unique opportunity to network with like-minded people and learn from experienced musicians.

Learn an instrument: Music class as your new hobby?

Have you always dreamed of playing an instrument? Then now is the perfect time to start your new hobby. Our music workshops offer you an ideal opportunity to discover or improve your musical talent. Our experienced teachers will teach you everything you need to know to play an instrument.

Which instrument is easy to learn?

There are many instruments for beginners that are well suited and easy to learn. If you are learning to play a musical instrument for the first time, instruments that require a simple playing technique and allow you to achieve success quickly are recommended. Here are some instruments that are well suited for beginners:

  • Ukulele: The ukulele has only four strings and is therefore easy to play. It is also a very versatile instrument and can be used in many different musical styles.
  • Piano/ Keyboard: The piano is a very popular instrument and is well suited for beginners because it is very intuitive to play. You can also create many different sounds and effects on a keyboard.
  • Harmonica: The harmonica is a small, portable instrument and is good for travelling. It is relatively easy to learn and can be used in many different musical styles.
  • Cajón: The cajón is a type of percussion instrument that is played sitting down. It is relatively easy to learn and is good for beginners who like to play rhythms.
  • Guitar: The guitar is a popular instrument that attracts many beginners. It requires a little more practice than the above instruments, but there are many simple songs and chords that can be learned quickly.

What instruments are played in the music classes?

There are a variety of music workshops where you can learn different instruments. These include:

  • Learn to play the ukulele
  • Learn to play the drum
  • Learn to play the balafon
  • Learn to play the handpan

How much do music classes cost?

The cost of music workshops varies depending on the class and duration. Here you can find an overview of the prices and duration of some music workshops:

Music Workshops Duration Cost
Learn to play the drum approx. 6 hours from 70 €
Learn to play the ukulele approx. 4 hours from 60 €
learn balafon approx. 6 hours from 70 €
Learn to play the handpan approx. 3 hours from 99 €

Why a music class is worthwhile?

A music class is a great way to immerse yourself in the world of music and improve your musical skills. Whether you want to learn an instrument, sing or write your own song, at a music workshop you can learn and try out under the guidance of experienced musicians. The focus is not only on having fun, but also on personal development and achieving individual goals. In addition, a music class is a creative change from everyday life and offers the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Gift ideas: Voucher for music classes

Are you looking for a suitable gift for a music lover or someone who would like to learn an instrument? Then a creative class gift card for a music workshop at konfetti is just the thing! The vouchers can be used flexibly and allow the recipient to choose a course in his or her favorite city. This way, they can fulfil their dream of making music or improve their skills. So with a gift card for a music class, you are not only giving away fun and joy, but also the opportunity to learn something new.

Music classes as a team event or bachelor party

Music workshops are a great idea for a private event. Whether it's a team event, bachelor party or birthday, a music class is a fun and unique way to spend time together and learn something new. You can learn to play an instrument together, strengthen the team spirit and also have fun. Send us an inquiry and we will be happy to help you find the right offer for your company or celebration.

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