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Discover creative experiences from pottery classes to abstract art classes in your area and experience art differently. There's something for everyone, whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist. Discover creative ideas!

A variety of art classes

Do you love art, are you creative, or would you like to develop your artistic side? Then our art courses are for you. From abstract Painting Course to more unusual Drawing Class. If you are more of a handyman, our Craft Classes will help you get your hands dirty. Learn tips and tricks about Pottery, immerse yourself in Macramé Art, or discover the folding technique of Japanese paper art Origami. Get in touch with your contemplative side by painting ceramics or try something new like action painting. All this and more awaits you in our art workshops.

Top selection of our art classes

  • Painting classes
  • Hand lettering classes
  • Collage class
  • Jewelry making class
  • Sewing class
  • Macramé class
  • Paint pottery class
  • Drawing class
  • Pottery class
  • Screen printing class
  • Craft class
  • Origami workshops
  • Wreath making class

As an art lover, you will definitely find what you are looking for at konfetti. You can express your creativity and maybe even learn something new. Attend one of our classes in your city or join us online from the comfort of your own home. All our workshops are tailored to your needs so you can experience unique creative moments!

How do the art classes work?

The schedule for art classes depends on whether you are attending on-site at a specific location or online from home. The course description will give you all the information you require for the course. You will usually be provided with the necessary materials and equipment for the class. All you need to bring is the desire to be creative.

How much does an art class cost?

The cost is typically between 15 and 699 €. The big differences in price can be explained by the fact that some workshops last several days or involve working with valuable materials such as gold. In addition, the price often depends on the location and the organizer. You can find more information on each class page.

Are art classes suitable as a team event?

All our art classes can be booked as a private team event. Of course, it depends on what your requirements are for the workshops and events. Looking for team building ideas for your company? Then our painting, drawing, and craft classes are for you.

Would you rather celebrate your bachelor party or birthday in style? Then our jewelry making and wreath making classes courses are for you. Together you can be creative and have fun.

How long does an art class usually last?

On average, our art classes last 2–5 hours. However, depending on the class, the duration may vary. Please refer to the course description for more information. Either way, our art classes will allow you to express your creative side and create unique artworks.

Art classesDurationCosts
Painting classapprox. 2–4 hoursapprox. 30,00-250,00 €
Hand lettering classapprox. 2–3 hoursapprox. 25,00-295,00 €
Collage classapprox. 2–3 hoursapprox. 30,00-80,00 €
Jewelry making classapprox. 2–3 hoursapprox. 20,00-180,00 €
Sewing classapprox. 3–8 hoursapprox. 27,00-349,00 €
Macramé classapprox. 2–3 hoursapprox. 35,00-95,00 €
Paint Pottery classapprox. 2–3 hoursapprox. 15,00-149,00 €
Drawing classapprox. 2–4 hoursapprox. 30,00-250,00 €
Pottery classapprox. 3–6 hoursapprox. 52,00-435,00 €
Screen printing classapprox. 2–3 hoursapprox. 45,00-278,00 €
Craft classapprox. 2–5 hoursapprox. 15,00-359,00
Origami workshopsapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 12,00-50,00 €
Wreath making classapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 35,00-230,00 €

Are you looking for a gift for creative people or art lovers?

Then our art classes are just the thing. Choose from a variety of courses and give an unforgettable creative experience. Whether painting, pottery, folding, binding or sewing – you can create your own individual artworks. Give one of our class as a creative workshop gift card. The recipient has the freedom to decide their own course and date. Our art classes are the perfect gift for creative people.

If you have any questions about our art classes, please contact us by email, phone or live chat.

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