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Get creative in our drawing classes. Learn how to draw.

Learn to draw in our drawing class

You want to learn to draw? We can help you learn with our numerous classes and workshops! Our trained partners show you all the techniques, tips and tricks around drawing, sketching and shading, so that you can create great works of art according to your ideas. It doesn't matter if you want to use pencil or charcoal, because our workshops cover every interest!

You will learn in our drawing classes

  • How to draw nudes
  • How to sketch correctly
  • How to draw different shapes and figures.

Can you learn how to draw?

Yes, you can learn how to draw! Although some people already have certain talents, even those who would describe themselves as "untalented" can improve their drawings with the right techniques. Our classes for beginners teach you the basics of drawing and sketching, so you too can figure out how to draw landscapes, people and other subjects in no time.

How do you draw people?

If you want to practice how to create realistic drawings of people, then we recommend our drawing classes on the subject of nude drawing. There you will be taught the basics and techniques for realistic drawing.

This is why our nude drawing classes are worthwhile This is what you will learn in our nude drawing classes
You create your own works of art Sketching and realistic drawings of people
Professional guidance from our professionals The correct use of proportions and shapes

Who can participate in a drawing class?

Anyone can participate in our drawing classes! We have the perfect drawing classes ready for beginners or advanced students. On the event page you can see for whom the workshop is designed, what techniques you will learn and what you will draw.

What does a drawing class include and how long does it last?

When you participate in a drawing class with us, you usually don't need to bring anything but your creativity! Our partners and instructors will provide you with everything you need. However, this varies from event to event, so you should always check the course description on each event page.

Our workshops last 3-7 hours on average. Everything is included, from the introduction to the planning and execution of your drawings.

How many people can participate in the drawing class?

The average number of participants in our drawing classes is limited to 15-20 people to ensure individual and professional mentoring. However, private team events can also be booked for a business event. Here, groups up to 10 people can sign up.

How much does a drawing class cost?

The cost of a drawing class varies from 30-490 €, with the venue, size of the artwork and the duration being the key factors in the price. If you are interested in booking a team event, feel free to contact us, and we will help you.

Classes Duration Costs
Drawing & Illustrating approx. 1 hour approx. 99,00 €
Drawing with chinese ink approx. 2 hours approx. 80,00 €
Online drawing classes approx. 2 hours approx. 35,00-240,00 €
Nude drawing classes approx. 2 hours approx. 29,00-490,00 €

Drawing class as a gift

Give an art enthusiast the opportunity to develop their drawing talent and express their creativity on paper. With a creative class gift card for an inspiring drawing class, the recipient can choose from a variety of classes and dates to find the one that's right for them. Whether it's drawing portraits, landscapes or abstract artwork, a drawing course offers the opportunity to learn different techniques and develop your own style.

If you still have questions, feel free to check out our FAQs or contact us via Live-Chat.

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