Learn to paint pottery: Find classes in your city and get creative

Pottery painting is a great way to get creative and relax at the same time. Design your own pottery with colors and patterns. Get inspired on the spot or bring your own ceramic painting ideas. Whether you want to paint a mug, a plate, a vase or a bowl, you are sure to find a workshop where you can paint your own ceramics near you.

What pottery can I paint?

There are different ceramic blanks that you can paint in our workshops:

  • A ceramic jar
  • Painting plates: Heart plate, Pizza plate, Kids plate
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Ceramic cup
  • Different ceramic decorations
  • Painting a cake plate
  • In some ceramic painting classes, you have a choice of different ceramic blanks to choose from on the spot.

What techniques can I learn to paint pottery?

In our courses, you will learn different techniques around painting pottery:

  • One line drawing
  • Bubble technique
  • Screen printing technique
  • Freehand pottery painting
  • Painting various patterns and designs
  • Stamping
  • Prints on ceramics: flowers and ferns or baby footprints for a great memory

How to paint pottery

All the steps involved in painting ceramics will be explained to you at our studio. The steps are briefly summarized below:

  • Cleaning the ceramics: The ceramic blanks are cleaned before painting. Often this will be done for you by the workshop host.
  • Choosing your blank: If the workshop is not focused on a specific object, you will choose your blank on the spot.
  • Pottery painting technique: The technique you will learn during your ceramics class will be explained and described step by step by the instructor.
  • Sketch Your Idea: Be inspired on the spot. You can sketch your idea in pencil on your ceramic blank.
  • Paint the ceramic: You paint your design using special ceramic paints of your choice.
  • Add another layer of paint: If necessary, add another layer of paint to your artwork.
  • Advice on your pottery: The instructor will be available throughout the workshop as an expert to share valuable tips and tricks.
  • Pick up your pottery: After the workshop, your pottery will be fired in a special kiln at high temperatures so that the colors are waterproof and your pottery is dishwasher safe. You can then pick them up at the location by appointment.

What is included in the pottery painting courses?

Usually all the materials you need to paint ceramics are included in the workshop:

  • Ceramic blank
  • Ceramic paints
  • Palette for your colors
  • Brushes: flat and fine brushes
  • Water and cloth to clean the brushes
  • Sponges or sponge brushes
  • Possible accessories for different techniques

Please check out the workshop description to find out exactly what is included. In some workshops, you can also choose a ceramic blank of your choice on site and then pay for it at the studio.

How much does a pottery painting workshop cost?

Painting ceramics yourself costs between 20 and 60 Euros. Prices vary depending on the content, duration of the workshop and materials included.

Ceramic PaintingCostsTime
Painting ceramic plate35,00-60,00 €ca. 1-3 hours
Painting ceramic bowlca. 58,00 €ca. 3 hours
Painting ceramic boxca. 46,00-60,00 €ca. 3 hours
Learn to screen print on ceramicsca. 20,00 € plus ceramic blankca. 2,5 hours
Painting ceramics of your choiceca. 20,00-35,00 € plus ceramic blankca. 2,5 hours

Ceramic painting: How long does it take to paint ceramics?

Generally, you should plan between 1 and 3 hours to paint pottery. It depends on the techniques you use, the size of the project you have in mind, and the theme you want to create. After the workshop, your pottery will be fired by the instructor to make it dishwasher safe. After a few days, you can pick up your pottery at the workshop location.

Painting pottery for a birthday or bachelor party.

Do you want to be creative together? A pottery painting workshop is perfect because you will have a useful, everyday object as a great reminder of the special day. We would be happy to plan a private event for you to paint pottery together for a bachelor party or birthday. Just send us a private workshop request.

Creative painting pottery Workshop as a gift

Give a creative person extraordinary pleasure by giving them a creative class gift card for an exciting painting pottery class. The recipient can choose from a variety of courses and dates the right one to live out his artistic streak in the design of ceramic objects. Whether it's cups, vases or decorative figurines, a ceramic painting course offers the opportunity to learn craft skills and create unique works of art.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us via Live Chat. We will be happy to help you.

Pottery painting workshop: What you can learn