Whisky tasting: Explore the fascinating variety of flavors.

Here you will experience an extraordinary taste experience and discover the diversity and uniqueness of this noble spirit. Immerse yourself in the world of whisky aromas and learn how to taste it properly. Whether you are already a connoisseur or still a novice in this field, the whiskey tasting will inspire you and open up new taste horizons.

What do you need for a whiskey tasting?

For a successful whiskey tasting, you do not need any special knowledge or equipment. The most important thing, of course, is the whisky itself. Depending on the organizer and tasting format, you can choose from different varieties and brands. From Scottish single malts to international rarities, there is a wide range from which you can decide. In addition, you should make sure that you have suitable glasses available. Whisky glasses with a tulip-shaped opening are best suited to optimally capture and enjoy the aromas. A water bottle and a glass of water should also be on hand to neutralize the palate between whiskies.

How does a whisky tasting work?

A whiskey tasting is a journey through the world of whiskey, where you can discover the different varieties and their characteristics.

Here is a rough breakdown of a tasting evening:

  1. welcome and introduction to the world of whisky.
  2. history and production of whisky
  3. presentation of different types of whisky
  4. tasting and sensory perception
  5. discussion and exchange about the taste experiences
  6. conclusion and recommendations for further whiskey

Top selection of whisky tastings

  • Whisky tasting classic
  • Whiskey tasting for groups
  • High quality whiskey tasting
  • Online whisky tasting

How much does a whisky tasting cost?

Whisky tastingWhisky tasting durationWhisky tasting costs
Whisky tastingapprox. 1.5-5 hoursapprox. 40-95 €
Online whisky tastingapprox. 1.5-2 hoursapprox. 49-59 €
Whisky tasting and guided tourapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 49 €
Whisky tasting for groupsapprox. 2–3 hoursapprox. 45-69 €

Which cheese goes well with whiskey?

The combination of whiskey and cheese is a true taste explosion. Some cheeses harmonize particularly well with whiskey and complement its flavors perfectly. Here are some suggestions for cheeses that go great with whiskey:

  • Cheddar: A strong, flavorful cheddar, pairs well with smoky and peaty whiskey.
  • Blue cheese: The creamy texture and intense flavor of blue cheeses complement full-bodied and rich whiskey well.
  • Gouda: A mildly aromatic Gouda pairs well with fruity and lighter whisky varieties.
  • Goat cheese: The slightly tart flavor of goat cheese can accentuate the sweet and fruity notes of some whisky varieties.

Of course, these are just a few examples, and ultimately the perfect cheese-whiskey combination also depends on personal preferences.

How to taste whiskey?

When tasting whiskey, there is a specific procedure to experience the full flavor. Here are the steps for tasting whiskey:

  • Look at the color: Hold the whiskey glass up to the light and look at the color of the whiskey. The hues can give clues to the age and type of whiskey.
  • Smell the whiskey: Hold the glass at a slight angle and take gentle breaths to capture the aromas. Try to identify different scents such as vanilla, fruit, or smokiness.
  • Tasting the whiskey: Take a small sip of whiskey and let it roll over your tongue. Notice the different flavors and texture of the whiskey in your mouth.
  • Swallow or spit: You can either swallow or spit out the whiskey, depending on your preferences and amount of tastings. If you are tasting multiple whiskeys, spitting can help prevent palate overload.

A whisky wasting Team Event

A whisky tasting is also great as a team event for companies or groups. Here are some reasons why a whisky tasting is a good choice as a team event:

  • Team building: by experiencing and discovering whiskey together, team members can strengthen their relationships and find new topics of conversation away from the daily work routine.
  • Relaxed atmosphere: a whisky tasting offers a casual and relaxed atmosphere in which participants feel comfortable and are open to new experiences.
  • Knowledge sharing: participants can expand their knowledge of whisky and exchange ideas about aromas and flavors.
  • Shared memories: A whisky tasting creates unforgettable shared memories that will be remembered long after the event is over.

Whiskey tasting as a gift

Looking for the perfect gift for a whisky lover? How about a tasting gift card? A unique experience where he can taste and enjoy exquisite whisky varieties. Flexible in the choice of dates, diverse tasting options, accompanied by a whiskey expert and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other whisky lovers. Give an unforgettable experience of pleasure with a whiskey tasting gift card!

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