Classes in Weimar

Classes in Weimar – Discover exciting activities and workshops

What can you do in Weimar?

There are a variety of classes and workshops in Weimar that might interest you. Here are some examples:

  • Photography classes: Learn how to take great photos and how to properly set up your camera.
  • Grilling classes: Perfect your grilling skills and learn how to cook the perfect steak.

How much do classes cost in Weimar?

The cost of classes and workshops in Weimar varies depending on the duration and type of class. Here is an overview of the average costs:

Classes in WeimarDurationCost
Cocktail classes in Weimarca. 2–7 hoursca. 49-159 €
Barbecue classes in Weimarapprox. 11 hoursapprox. 149 €

Gift ideas in Weimar: Gift card for Weimar

Looking for a gift for someone special? How about a gift card for a class or workshop in Weimar? This way, you're not only giving away an experience, but also a memory.

Plan a team event in Weimar

Want to spend an unforgettable time in Weimar with your team? How about a joint cooking class or a creative workshop session? In Weimar, you can find the best team building ideas. Make your request now for your next team event in Weimar and surroundings.

Organize a bachelor party in Weimar

For an unforgettable bachelor party in Weimar, a class or workshop could be a great choice. There are many activities that are perfect for this occasion, for example barbecue classes or photography classes. Spending time with friends, learning new skills, and creating a lasting memory of that special moment make such activities a great way to celebrate a bachelor party.

Why is a trip to Weimar worth it?

Weimar is a city full of history and culture. Here are some reasons why a visit to Weimar is worthwhile:

  • Culture: Weimar is known for its rich cultural scene. Visit the Goethe National Museum or the Duchess Anna Amalia Library.
  • Architecture: The city is full of historic buildings and monuments, including the famous Bauhaus building.
  • Nature: Relax in the park on the Ilm River or explore the nearby Thuringian Forest.

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