Experience an unforgettable online wine tasting experience.

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of wine? Experience a fascinating wine journey right from your living room! Our online wine tasting brings a variety of taste experiences conveniently to your home. Discover new flavors and learn more about the way of wine tasting. Here are some reasons why our online wine tastings are an unforgettable experience: ## - A wide range of wine tastings for every taste.

Whether you're a passionate wine connoisseur or a curious beginner, our online wine tastings offer something for every taste and level. Choose from a variety of tastings, including red wines, Italian wines and special tastings for groups. You'll be amazed by the variety of wines!

- Flexibility and comfort from home

Enjoy the comfort of your own home and save yourself a trip to an on-site wine tasting. With our online wine tasting, you can relax and still enjoy the full tasting experience. All you need is internet access and a glass of wine - and you're ready to go!

- Professional guidance and expertise

Our tastings are led by experienced sommeliers and wine experts who are happy to share their expertise with you. Not only will you taste the wines, but you'll also learn background information about the origin, production, and characteristics of each wine. This makes the experience even more exciting and educational!

What is an online wine tasting?

At an online wine tasting, you can taste different wines and gain valuable knowledge about their origin, cultivation, and characteristics. You meet virtually with other wine lovers and an experienced wine expert who guides you through the tasting. You will have the opportunity to get to know different types of wine, discover their differences and ask questions. Online wine tasting is a fun and interactive way to learn more about wine and tantalize your palate. And if you prefer it personally, we also offer wine tastings in your area - an experience for all senses!

How does an online wine tasting work?

The process of an online wine tasting is simple and guarantees a first-class wine experience. This is what awaits you:

  • Wine tasting package: Before the online wine tasting, you will receive a package with carefully selected wines conveniently delivered to your home. It contains all the wines you will taste during the tasting.
  • Preparation: Chill the wines in time and prepare the appropriate wine glasses. You can also prepare delicious snacks or cheese to perfect the tasting experience.
  • Online meeting: On the agreed date, log into the meeting room where the wine tasting will take place. There you will meet the wine expert and other wine lovers who share your passion.
  • Wine tasting: Our experts will introduce you to each wine and share with you valuable knowledge about origin, grape varieties, aromas, and flavor profiles. You will learn how to taste wine properly, recognize nuances, and describe the taste experience in the right words.
  • Interaction: During the tasting you can ask questions, exchange impressions and talk with other participants about their experiences. This creates a lively and communicative atmosphere in which you learn more about wine and meet like-minded people.
  • Wine notes: Write down your personal impressions and taste notes during the tasting to document the experience and refer back to it later.

What do I need for a wine tasting?

For a successful online wine tasting, you need the following things:

  • Wine tasting package: Order in time the special wine tasting package with a selection of high quality wines that we will discover during the tasting.
  • Wine glasses: Use the appropriate wine glass for each wine, e.g., a white wine glass for white wine and a red wine glass for red wine.
  • Water: Have water on hand to neutralize your palate between wines.
  • Snacks: optionally you can prepare small snacks like bread, cheese, or grapes to complement the taste and refresh the palate.
  • Notebook and pen: have a notebook and pen ready to record your personal impressions and tastes.

Our selection of online wine tastings

We offer a variety of exciting online wine tastings:

  • Wine tour of France: Experience a culinary journey through France's famous wine regions. Sample fine wines from Bordeaux to Burgundy to Champagne and immerse yourself in the French wine tradition.
  • New world vs. Old world: Compare wines from the “New world” (e.g., Australia and New Zealand) with wines from the “Old world” (e.g., France and Italy) and learn how growing regions affect taste.
  • Online wine and cheese tasting: Discover the perfect pairing of wine and cheese! Be seduced by harmonious taste experiences as we pair exquisite wines with delicious cheeses to tantalize your senses.
  • White wine tasting: Dive into the fascinating world of white wines and discover fresh, fruity as well as mineral and complex aromas.
  • Online red wine tasting: Explore the tantalizing aromas and flavors of red wines, from light and fruity to bold and fir.
  • Sparkling wine and champagne: Raise your glass for a sparkling tasting of sparkling wines and champagnes. Learn to appreciate the lively acidity and unique flavors of these celebratory wines.

How much does an online wine tasting cost?

The cost of our online wine tastings varies depending on the provider, wine selection and length of tasting. Here are some examples:

Online wine tastingDurationCost
Online wine tour through Franceapprox. 2 hoursfrom 59,00 €
Online wine tasting with food tastingapprox. 1.5 hoursfrom 95,00-115,00 €
Online red wine tastingon requestfrom 50,00 €
Online sparkling wine and champagneapprox. 1.5 hoursfrom 89,00 €

You can find the exact prices and availability directly at the respective events.

Give away an online wine tasting

Would you like to give someone a unique wine experience? Give away an online wine tasting! With our wine tasting gift card, you can offer wine lovers the opportunity to participate in a virtual tasting and expand their wine knowledge. A special gift for everyone who is interested in wine or wants to deepen their passion.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us by email, phone or via our live chat. We look forward to helping you on your wine adventure!

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