Find painting classes in Stuttgart

Our painting classes in Stuttgart are suitable for anyone who wants to be creative and learn how to paint. Under professional guidance, you will learn new painting techniques that will turn each of your pictures into a true work of art.

Selection of painting classes in Stuttgart

We have something for everyone. Just take a look at our classes and workshops and choose the experience that appeals to you the most.

What is included in the painting classes in Stuttgart?

  • Brush
  • Canvas
  • Colors
  • Instruction

All relevant information for our painting classes can be found on the respective course page. And if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also give away our painting classes with our gift card. With our voucher you will certainly make your loved ones very happy.

How long does a painting class in Stuttgart last and what are the costs?

On average, our painting classes in Stuttgart last 6 hours and cost about 25€-129€. For more detailed information, you should take a closer look at the course description of the respective workshop again.

Class selectionClass durationCosts
Graffitiapprox. 4 hoursapprox. 25,00 €
Mandalaapprox. 6 hoursapprox. 105,00 €
Painting class incl. foodapprox. 6 hoursapprox. 129,00 €

Painting classes in Stuttgart as a team event for companies and bachelor parties

Our events, classes and workshops in Stuttgart are also super suitable as a team event for companies and bachelor parties. You have a wide choice of great experiences that your employees or even your loved ones will surely enjoy. Send us a request for a group event here.

Feel free to contact us via Live-Chat if you need more information.

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