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Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure that will take you to the liveliest bars and pubs in your city? A pub crawl is not just a tour from bar to bar, but a journey of discovery into the world of nightlife, with each stop offering new experiences and tastes. It is the perfect opportunity to experience the nightlife of the city with friends or new acquaintances as you move from one pub to the next. A pub crawl is about more than just drinking; it is about having a good time, experiencing the local flair and discovering stories that only the night knows. Each bar offers its own unique ambience and drink specialities, ranging from classic pints to creative cocktails. Whether you are a fan of quiet, cosy pubs or pulsating, music-filled bars, a well-organised pub crawl will cater for all tastes and make the night an unforgettable experience. Get ready to discover a whole new side of your city - one night, many stops and countless memories await you.

What is a pubcrawl?

A pub crawl is an organised event where participants visit a series of bars and pubs, usually on foot or by public transport. The aim is to have at least one drink at each venue, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the company of your fellow participants. It is a great way to meet new people, have fun and experience the local pub culture.

What can I expect from a pubcrawl?

  • Varied Locations: Explore a selection of bars and pubs, each with their own unique atmosphere and special offers. From cosy, historic pubs to trendy, modern bars, each stop offers something different.
  • Organised and safe route: The advantage of an organised pub crawl is that it is a safe and well thought out route, designed by experts. You can relax and enjoy the tour without having to worry about planning or navigation.
  • Socialising and meeting new people: Pubcrawls attract people who want to have fun and meet new people. It is the perfect opportunity to party with friends or make new friends.
  • Music and entertainment: Many pubs and bars offer live music, DJs or other entertainment. This adds to the fun and makes every stop a special experience.

How long does a pubcrawl last?

The length of a pubcrawl depends on a number of factors, including the number of bars you visit and how long you stay at each venue. Typically, a pubcrawl lasts between 3 and 5 hours, giving you enough time to enjoy each venue without getting too tired.

How much does a pubcrawl cost?

A pubcrawl usually costs between 20 and 40 euros and lasts around four hours. The cost of a pubcrawl varies depending on the city, the number of pubs visited and the services included.

Pubcrawl as a team event

Experience an unforgettable evening together as a team event with a specially curated pubcrawl tour. This tour will take you through a selection of the city's best bars and pubs, with exclusive drink offers and exciting activities designed to encourage teamwork and communication in a relaxed and fun environment.

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