Discover the photography class and learn how to photograph

Get to know the art of photography in our photography classes. From now on, only take photos of high quality.

Photography classes for amateur photographers and beginners

Now it's time to pursue your hobby! Our photography classes will help you find the right perspective and get the most out of your camera. Our partners will teach you all the basics of photography during our photography classes and explain everything from lenses to lenses about the necessary equipment to take the perfect photo. Whether you have an SLR or Polaroid camera, we will find the right photography class for you. Learning to photograph has never been so easy!

Classes for professional photographers

We also have photography workshops for you, where you can improve your skills and expand your knowledge. From proper image editing to different subjects and types of photography, such as nature photography, we offer numerous photography classes in your area.

What you should bring to a photography classWhat is included in a photography classWhat is included in a photography class?
Your own cameraNew knowledge about photography
Memory card with lots of spaceTips and tricks for better photos
Your own lensProper use of the camera

Where do the photography classes take place?

We offer photography classes in your area, so you do not have to search long! Our partners are located all over Germany, so there is a suitable photography workshop for everyone. Where and at what time the photography classes take place depends on the course. However, most photography workshops are held outdoors, so it is advisable to dress for the weather. Further information can be found in the class description on the course page.

How much does a photography class cost, and how long does it last?

The average price for a photography class is 50-229 €. The average duration of a photography class is 3–7 hours.

Photography classes**Duration*Costs*
Night Photographyca. 3.5 hoursca. 89,00 €
Photography class for beginnersca. 7 hoursca. 109,00-229,00 €
Photography compositionca. 4 hoursca. 99,00-149,00 €

How many people can participate in the photography class?

Depending on the type of class, the limit of people who can participate changes. Our instructors always pay attention to give everyone individual consultation, which is why most events are held between 15–20 people. However, our workshops can also be booked as private team events, for which you can simply submit a request. In this case, the person limit changes to 5–10 participants.

Group size for photography classes

  • Public classes and workshops
    • 15–20 people
  • Private classes and workshops
    • 5–10 people

Gift a photography class: Photography workshop gift card

You are on the search for a gift for a hobby photographer? Then our photography classes are perfect. In our photography classes, the recipient learns step by step how to take photos like a professional. An experienced photographer will lead through the program and share tips and tricks with you – the perfect gift for a hobby photographer! Gift our photography classes simply as craft gift card. The recipient chooses a course and date of his choice. With our photography classes, you can give an unforgettable experience.

For more information on group sizes, please see the course description. If you have any further questions, feel free to visit our FAQs or contact us via Live-Chat.

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