Wreath making in Köln

Wreath making classes in Köln - Create unique flower wreaths.

You can learn how to tie flowers into a perfect bouquet with our flower tying courses and workshops. Make your own dried flower bouquet with your friends in Köln - For yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. Our flower tying courses show you how to make great bouquets from dried and fresh flowers. Book our courses in Köln easily and uncomplicated on konfetti.

Top selection of flower tying classes in Köln

How much does a wreath making class in Köln cost?

Flower arranging courses in Köln start at 70 € and go up to 115 €. Prices vary depending on location, time and effort. Many of our courses and workshops also offer food and drinks, which can account for the price difference.

How many people can participate in the flower arranging classes in Köln?

As a rule, the number of participants in Köln is limited to 15-20 people, in order to make individual attention possible. However, private team events can also be booked, which have a number of participants of 5-10 people.

Classes for flower tying in KölnDurationCost
Flower wreath tyingapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. 55,00-69,00 €
Macramé hoops tyingabout 4 hoursabout 65,00 €
Dried flowers bracelets tyingabout 2 hoursabout 50,00 €

If you need more information about a specific flower tying class in Köln, feel free to browse the class description on the class page or contact us via live chat, email or phone.

Wreath making ideas - What you can learn in the workshops