Gin tasting in Düsseldorf: Explore the world of gins

Are you looking to enjoy the experience of a Gin Tasting in Düsseldorf? We got you! We offer a selection of different Gin Tastings and Tastings that can conveniently get booked directly with us. Whether you're already a gin enthusiast or simply curious to try it out.

What can you expect at our gin tastings in Düsseldorf?

At our Gin Tastings in Düsseldorf, you'll have the opportunity to taste a variety of delicious gins. Our experts will guide you through the tasting and provide insights into the unique characteristics of each gin. You'll learn how to distinguish nuances of aromas and flavors and discover which tonic water pairs best with each gin.

How much does a gin tasting in Düsseldorf cost?

The prices for our Gin Tastings in Düsseldorf is depending on the type of tasting, the number of gin varieties and the location. Generally, the cost for a high-quality gin tasting experience ranges from 49 euros to 109 euros per person. Tasting glasses and, in some cases, small snacks are included.

Gin Tasting in DüsseldorfDurationCost
Discovering the History of GinApprox. 4 hoursApprox. 98.00 €
Benelux Gin TastingApprox. 4 hoursApprox. 98.00 €
Tasting High-Quality Gin VarietiesApprox. 2-3 hoursApprox. 49.00-79.00 €

Gin tasting as a group event

Want to make your Gin Tasting a special occasion? No problem! Our Gin Tastings are perfect for private events such as bachelor parties in Düsseldorf, corporate gatherings in Düsseldorf, or birthdays. Experience an unforgettable time with your friends or colleagues as you dive into the world of gin together. Simply send us an inquiry for more information about private Gin Tastings.

Gift a gin tasting in Düsseldorf

Do you want to surprise someone special with an extraordinary gift? Give them a Tasting Voucher for a Gin Tasting in Düsseldorf and create unforgettable moments of enjoyment! Our Gin Tastings make the perfect gift for gin enthusiasts, the curious, and anyone eager to explore new flavors.

Don't wait any longer; secure your Gin Tasting in Düsseldorf now. Experience the fascinating world of gin, get to know different varieties, and discover your favorite gin bar in Düsseldorf.

If you have any further questions about our Gin Tastings, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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