Discover knitting classes: Introduction to knitting.

Explore the world of knitting and find the perfect knitting course near you. Our knitting courses are ideal for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Learn how to knit various patterns, garments, or decorations with our courses. Find the perfect course for you.

How can I learn to knit?

Learning to knit requires patience and practice. It can be beneficial to receive guidance from experts at the beginning of this educational journey. Our knitting courses provide step-by-step instructions and guidance from experts throughout the entire course. Knitting for beginners has never been easier. Each course offers a selection of yarn and patterns, making it a creative experience.

Is knitting difficult to learn?

Knitting is a skill that anyone can learn. Our knitting courses are specifically designed to make the entry as easy as possible. With the right guidance and some practice, you'll find that learning to knit is quite simple, and soon you'll be able to knit socks from basic yarn.

What's easier to learn - knitting or crocheting?

Although knitting and crocheting are similar crafts, they differ in technique and difficulty level. Many beginners find knitting easier to learn as there are fewer different stitches involved.

How much does a knitting class cost?

The average price for knitting courses is between €35-€100, with this price varying depending on the location and organizer. Please note: You can get further information directly on the knitting course page.

Knitting classesDurationCost
Knitting for Beginners in Hamburgapprox. 3 hoursfrom €55
Knitting Course in Berlinapprox. 2.5 hoursfrom €36
Wreath Knitting in Bielefeldapprox. 2.5 hoursfrom €99

What do you need to knit?

To start knitting, you'll need some basic materials, including needles, yarn and possibly instructions or patterns. In our knitting courses we provide all the necessary materials so you can concentrate on learning this wonderful craft.

Would you like to give a knitting course as a gift?

You're sure to delight your loved ones with our knitting courses! Our courses teach knitting step by step and allow you to create beautiful garments and designs using wool. Learn to knit socks or sweaters and discover knitting classes near you. Give our knitting courses as a [creative course voucher] ( The recipient can choose the course and date of their choice. With our knitting courses, you're giving an unforgettable creative experience that will be remembered for a long time.

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