Online Origami Class: Paper Flowers

Discover the art of origami and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of flowers!
What's included
Entertaining live instructions, inspiration, relaxation.
Team events and private groups
Perfect fit for team- and groupevents!

Class description

Origami, the art of paper folding, is easier than you might think and incredibly fun! In a very meditative process, beautiful objects such as flowers are created.

In this class, we will fold different kinds of flowers which are sure to enchant you with their beautiful shapes and colors. Not only will they bring a cheerful atmosphere into your home, but they are also a perfect gift for all kinds of occasions.

Details to remember

What to bring?

Good mood, a stable Internet connection and, as for the material, scissors, glue and at least ten square sheets of paper, ideally origami paper 15 x 15 cm in size or paper of pliable quality (e.g. wrapping paper).

What is included?

Entertaining live instructions, inspiration, relaxation.


Ich heiße Kristina, arbeite als selbstständige Grafikdesignerin und bin große Papierliebhaberin. Besonders das Falten von Papier fasziniert mich mit seiner Vielseitigkeit, Haptik, Ästhetik, Schönheit und meditativen Art. In meinen Büchern und Workshops möchte ich die schlichte Freude am Falten sowie die Begeisterung für Farben und Formen vermitteln.


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