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Hi, I’m Natasha Celmi, a chef, cookbook author, and entrepreneur. I am also a mum of two kids and live between Italy and Bangalore with my family. My work revolves around the concept of “smart cooking”- minimum effort, maximum flavor as all have busy lives.

My book, Fast Fresh Flavorful has been a tremendous success in 2020 and even won the Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2020. My emphasis is on international flavors with quick, easy recipes using local ingredients. I try to minimize the use of processed ingredients. Good food should be a balance of flavor and nutrition, using fresh seasonal produce.

My experience in the food industry started in 2005 with ‘Mama Mia’ a chain of gelato shops in India, offering gourmet artisan ice cream and desserts. I have been to culinary schools in Italy and Singapore and learned practically from chefs and experts in the industry.

While I enjoy all types of cuisines, I have a soft spot for the Italian and Mediterranean kitchen. I have learned the art of simple but tasteful food from my Italian husband (also an excellent cook) and his family.

I hope you enjoy my recipes, articles, and cooking tips. Head to my YouTube channel and Instagram page for lots more.

Buon appetito!

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