Make Herbal Skincare - Online with DIY Box

Dive into the world of cosmetics and create your very own herbal skincare at home.
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Suitable for group events with up to 20 people!
Welche Leistungen inklusive sind
A DIY package with all ingredients!
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Über diese Aktivität

Would you like to create your own herbal story?  
Voila! I'd love to invite you to embark on a playful journey “from wholesome ingredient to final product”!

In this new online workshop format, you'll learn about your skin and some of the finest plant powders, organic clay and other nourishing ingredients. We'll also address a big issue—a common belief that »organic skincare is not as efficient as synthetic one« and how the shift towards an »organic mindset« contributes to our environment.
In the end, you will create a signature-scented herbal powder mask tailored to your skin's needs, with pharmacist Sarah Siri, founder of Siriously Organic.

A lovely DIY package with the necessary utensils and all certified natural ingredients will of course be sent to your home in advance. 
Can't wait to create with you.

Also, available in German. 

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Was Du mitbringen solltest

Just be in a good mood, a stable internet connection and the DIY package. 

Welche Leistungen inklusive sind

A lovely DIY package with the necessary utensils and all certified natural ingredients. 

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