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Make a Tropical Terrarium in Berlin Mitte

Dive into the world of mini terrariums. Look forward to a personal experience in a small group, where you can ask all kinds of questions. After the course, you will know everything about mini terrariums and will be able to maintain your own ecosystem.

Teamevents und private Gruppen
Suitable for small and medium sized groups!
Welche Leistungen inklusive sind
All the materials that are needed!


Come make your own garden under glass with Petite Jungle

We'll meet in the KLL Studio in Berlin Mitte. During this session we'll build a 5L big terrarium, so that you can experiment with different mixes of plants.No need to have a very green thumb, it practically waters itself: it only requires one watering every 3 months!

What is the program? 

First, we will have a look at how a terrarium works and you will discover the history of these little worlds under glass. Did you know that terrariums have existed since the 19th century? Then we will build a closed terrarium size M, about 25 cm high & 5 Liter. All the equipment for your mini-ecosystem is provided: specific plant soil, gravel, plants, glass jar and tools. Finally, we will talk about care tips for your mini-garden.

Language: english

Wichtige Details

Was Du mitbringen solltest

Just be in a good mood

Welche Leistungen inklusive sind

All materials and tools that are needed to create your own little ecosystem.

5.0 - 1 Bewertung
Geprüfter Partner

Hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Man lernt ne Menge und kann sich kreativ ausleben. Und am Ende hat man ein schönes Einrichtungsstück für die eigene Wohnung.

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Make a Tropical Terrarium in Berlin Mitte - Ruppiner Straße, 4, Berlin - BE, 10115, Deutschland