DIY Woodworking for beginners in Berlin

Dive into the world of Woodworking and create some beautiful DIY products. Look forward to a personal experience under the guidance of real wood experts.
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You will learn some DIY-Woodworking.
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In this workshop, you will learn how to build furniture in Berlin. Where to source material, how to plan your project, which tools you need.

About this event

If I want to make only straight cuts, which saw would be the most suitable for me? What kind of sanders are there and which one would be the best one to have in a household? Should I invest money in tools or perhaps it would make sense to lend tools… We also talk about where to source the best and most sustainable material, how to design and plan your projects so that it would save you time and money, and also a little bit about different wood types. Of course, I will answer all your woodworking and design-related questions. During this three-hour workshop, we will also dig deep into the Wood Sisters toolbox and test all the most common power and hand tools. You are going to learn how to use a drill, orbital sander, and different kinds of saws so that you would have the basic knowledge for being able to build DIY woodworking projects. I will share with you everything you need to know to be able to design and build your own Zero/Low waste furniture. My name is Anna-Liisa and I am a furniture designer and urban woodworker. Mostly women attend my workshops, but sometimes men come too.

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 Just be in a good mood.
Welche Leistungen inklusive sind
 All the materials that you need for your DIY Woodworks.

Berlin Wood Sisters
Berlin Wood Sisters

Hi, I'm Anna-Liisa, a Berlin-based DIY woodworker and spoon carver. Join my workshops to learn how to build zero waste furniture and carve spoons. Woodworking brings relaxation, self-connection, and the joy of crafting with your hands. All are welcome!

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