Zero Waste Kimchi Workshop in Berlin

Get your hands dirty and learn how to make traditional Korean kimchi. You will not only learn how to make kimchi but further also ferment all kinds of other vegetables. All this will be happening under the watchful eye of the experts at Roots Radicals.
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Teamevent ab 60,00 € pro Person

Für Teamevents oder private Gruppen. Individuelle Termine verfügbar. Unverbindliches Angebot erhalten.

Teamevents und private Gruppen
This cooking class is suitable for teamevents.
Welche Leistungen inklusive sind
Refreshments, Snacks, guidance, all the equipment you need.
The class takes place in Berlin.


Kimchi, the staple of Korean food culture, presents an ancient, time-trusted way to preserve vegetables by fermenting them in salt and adding a blend of characteristic seasonings. It is an amazing immune booster full of healthy probiotics, like lactic acid bacteria, that is beloved not only for its exceptional taste but also for its many health benefits. 


What will we do in the workshop?

  • During the workshop you will be guided step by step through each process
  • Developing a hands-on understanding that you can bring back to your own kitchen!
  • We will also provide snacks and refreshments to keep your stomachs full and your minds sharp
  • This workshop is in English!


Who is this class for? 

  • For everyone who wants to learn how to make kimchi 
  • No knowledge is needed, we show you everything you need to know


What is included in your class?  

  • All the ingredients that are necessary to make kimchi
  • All the materials and equipment needed 
    • Cutting boards, Cooking Apron, etc…
  • Snacks and refreshments 

We are excited to get to know you in our cooking class in Berlin!

Wichtige Details

Was Du mitbringen solltest
  • We ask you to bring the leaves from one whole cauliflower—you can enjoy the cauliflower at home :)
  • Any other old vegetable you might have lying around. For example, pieces of paprika, carrots, onions are welcome additions!
Welche Leistungen inklusive sind

All the ingredients and materials you need will be provided. 

Roots Radicals
Roots Radicals

In our cooking course You learn to cook without wasting food, which is not only good for You, but also for the environment. We aim to bring you closer to creating sustainable meals. You will learn how to do that in our cooking classes.

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