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If you always asked yourself what the difference is between Champagne and Prosecco - and why people store them in their cellar: this 3-bottle wine tasting with Fred & Faye will answer all your questions. In the most delicious way imaginable!
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Tasting with your experts Fred & Faye, 3-bottles (750ml) of sparkling wine, shipping.
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Do you know ... what's the difference between Champagne and Prosecco? ... how long should you keep sparkling wine in your cellar? ... what you should be buying if you love Champagne? ... that sparkling wine is the most versatile of wines? If you don't then join this tasting where we'll answer all these questions and many more during a 3-bottle wine tasting with Fred and Faye. Each month Fred and Faye host an online tasting looking at three different wines around a theme. The aim is to broaden your palette, introduce you to wines you may not normally choose, and give you a better understanding of what you like so you can make sure to select wines you will love time after time. We'll also answer all your questions on sparkling wines, from glassware to storage to how to keep them fresh...  In your package, you'll receive 3 bottles of sparkling wine (750ml) and a sparkling wine closure to make sure you can keep a bottle fresh for the day after.  You don't have to open all three bottles on the evening, but we will discuss them all. You'll receive suggested recipes for each wine, so you can also choose to enjoy them when you want. Three of a Kind events start at 8pm until 10pm including a short break to mix with other guests. Breakout moments make Quaranvino online tastings a great way to do something with friends without having to be in the same place and if you want to finish off the evening with friends, they open again after the session. Events are very interactive and numbers are kept small, so everyone has a chance to ask the questions they want. 

Who is Fred? Fred Nijhuis has been "Your Favourite Dutch Wine Writer" since 1991 and has been travelling the world exploring cellars and educating the professionals and consumers on wine since. He and Faye, founder of Quaranvino's paths crossed around 10 years ago during a press trip, and they have been friends since.

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Yourself and a nice sparkling wine glass.

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 Tasting with your experts Fred & Faye, 3-bottles (750ml) of sparkling wine, shipping.


Quaranvino is all of these Quaranvino online wine tastings bring people who like wine together with wine producers and experts to have fun wine and connect. 

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