Oil Painting Class in Munich for Beginners

techniques, expressions and compositions using oil paint
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Welche Leistungen inklusive sind
oil color - canvas - linen oil - printing - caffe
In my atelier in Gastaig, Munich.
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Über diese Aktivität

What will we be doing?

We will work from a photo or a painting  and we will draw it on the canvas with the grid technique, from the drawing we will then use oil with a palette of colors typical of the classic Italian painting, then we will work on the context and the background (abstract or figurative) with the use of different colors.


Where is the class happening?

The workshop will take place in my atelier, which is located inside the Gastaig building in Munich.
The space is on the third floor, studio number 3,137.
We meet in the lobby, between the bar and the metal staircase, 10 minutes before class starts.


For whom is this painting class suited?

The workshop is open to everyone with or without experience in painting and drawing, although it could be useful, but not indispensable, this is a technique open to everyone, so without fear and with a lot of passion you will finish your portrait or a painting and learn a new technique to start a new artistic search.
Let's start with a few examples, draw on paper and then pass the drawing onto canvas.
The materials for the first lesson will be available, and if you wish to do a complete course, I will give you a guide of what oil colours to buy and also what brushes will be needed to continue painting. With this introduction, you will have the knowledge to create your own painting.

Wichtige Details

Was Du mitbringen solltest

  • eagerness to learn 
  • good mood

Welche Leistungen inklusive sind

  • Canvas support:
    • 30x40 cm if you are making two lexions
    • 50x70 cm if you are doing the monthly course
  • Oil paints for the first lesson
  • linseed oil
  • palette
  • spatula
  • flat tip brushes numbers (0-2-4-6-10)
  • pencils - sharpener - eraser (art-eraser)
  • sepia ink dye
  • ruler
  • Palettstecker
  • Color print of the photo in two formats (one black and white print with grid and one color print)
  • Paper to clean the brushes and soap (you will also learn how to care for your brushes for a long life)
  • Coffee, tea and water

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Juan Tardivo

I acquired knowledge at the academy of fine arts, at the university of cinema and in social journalism.
I was born in Argentina, where i developed my artistic sensibility until 2016 when i transferred to italy to deepen the technique of baroque and renaissance art. 

4,0 - 1 Bewertung
Geprüfter Partner
It was a very nice expirience. Juan was very happy to answer all our questions and provide help and adivse when we needed it. It was very satisfying to create and learn something new. Thank you.