Hot Spiced Drinks Workshop: Online Team-Building

Virtual Drink Making Team Building Event | Warm Spiced Drink-Making Workshop!
Teamevent ab 40,00 € pro Person

Für Teamevents oder private Gruppen. Individuelle Termine verfügbar. Unverbindliches Angebot erhalten.

Teamevents und private Gruppen
Only available as a team event!
Welche Leistungen inklusive sind
You will experience an entertaining group or team event with mixing warm drinks and dancing along with a professional Indian chef.
The course is happening online. You will get a link to join the meeting after booking.


Hot Spiced Drinks Workshop - what you can expect

Raise Your Mugs: Unite Your Team in the ultimate team-building experience with a Joyful Celebration of Festive Drinks, Lively Tunes, and Dancing. Join the Fun!

Pick up to 3 warm festive drinks from our menu:

  • Turmeric Latte - A warm, golden elixir of winter spices
  • Nuts Got Stained - A saffron hued dessert with the right hints of spices
  • Peanut-Coffee Celebration - Peanut butter, coffee and vanilla coming together to warm up your team-building.
  • Beetroot Warmth - Coziness served in a red velvety warm latte
  • Mulled Wine - The perfect spiced boozy goodness
  • Mulled Apple Cider/Juice - The love of winter spices blending with apple
  • Apple Pie in a Cup - A warm apple pie served in your cup
  • Spiced Hot Chocolate - Chocoholic's delight with a twist
  • Chai Masala - Aromatic tea infused with spices & ginger
  • Sunny Almonds - Spiced almonds with a sunny twist

One of the most unique, fun and creative team-building events out there, with a blend of food styling, stories, spiced warm drinks and fun dancing.

Jazzy dance moves add an extra layer of fun & frolic to your team events.

A customized team-building experience perfect both for those who want to actively participate and those who only want to relax & watch.

Get Ready for an engaging Festive Virtual Team-Building Experience with Your Team!

Wichtige Details

Was Du mitbringen solltest
  • Simple ingredients. We will send the link after you book the lesson.


Welche Leistungen inklusive sind
  • A team-bonding activity perfect all year round.
  • Hands-on festive drink-making and styling with your team
  • Bollywood Music adds an exciting twist to festive team-building
  • Step-by-Step Recipes with beginner-friendly instructions
  • Tailored to your team with vegan, allergen-friendly, and non-alcoholic drink customizations

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Kitty Party

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