18 Samstag

Tie-dye – Workshop in Berlin

Sa, 18.09.2021 (11:00 - 14:00) 
Exerzierstraße 8, Bezirk Mitte 13357 Berlin, Deutschland


Dive into the world of textile dyeing and dye your own pieces of fabric. Look forward to an exclusive Event under the guidance of Anna who is going to teach you the right technique.

Details at a glance

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • What is included: All materials and ingredients that are needed.
  • What should I bring: Just be in a good mood.
  • What will I be taking home: Your very own piece of dyed fabric.
  • Covid-19 protective measures:
    • You are required to bring and wear a mask
    • You must provide either proof of complete vaccination, proof of Covid-19 infection in the past 6 months, or a negative test taken no more than 24 hours prior to the start of the activity.

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If you want to learn how to make beautiful patterns on fabric using only pigments from plants, this workshop is for you.

Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces unique patterns on fabric. There are countless shibori patterns that can be made. Binding, stitching, folding, twisting, or compressing cloth – each one gives very different results. These techniques can be combined, to make the results even more interesting.

In this workshop, we will work with plant pigments. You will be introduced to the basics of extracting colors from plants and making them last. If you are interested in how non-toxic, natural dyes can be applied to the fabric, join us in our new studio at Exerzierstraße 8.

This workshop will cover:

  • experimenting with different shibori techniques
  • preparing the fabric for the dyeing process
  • extracting plant pigments and where to find them
  • using modifying substances in the tie-dye process

We will perform a series of small exercises to get to know different shibori techniques. After exploring the methods and producing multiple samples, we will focus on completing the main project – tie-dyed piece, which you will take home with you.

This workshop will be held in English but questions in German can be answered too. If you’re a beginner or have only a basic knowledge of the subject, this introductory workshop is for you.

All materials will be provided, including fabric samples, silk scarves, mordants, and dye plants.

+++ Also available as an exclusive group event!

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Ticket Information

Tie-dye - Workshop in Berlin



Duration: 3 hours || What is included: All materials and ingredients that are needed.

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Samstag, 18.09.2021

11:00 - 14:00  
Anna Grzeszek
Anna Grzeszek

I'm a former architect turned textile artist. I live in Berlin, together with my partner and our rescue dog. I got my MSc in Architecture at TU Berlin, but soon after I started my own textile studio. My crafts of choice are hand weaving and botanical dyeing. Weaving is so similar to architecture. Slowly and carefully constructed plan, a vision implemented with mathematical precision. Plant dyeing is the very opposite - you can not plan the outcome, some dyes just have their own ways. Textiles are my language. They take me on a journey of discovery, each piece teaches me something new. There are endless possibilities and endless surprises. Materials, colours, patterns, techniques - their characteristics have a big impact on my work. It takes a lot of practice to train the eyes and develop sensitivity in the fingertips.

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