23 Donnerstag

Figure Drawing Techniques Workshop

Do, 23.09.2021 (18:00 - 20:00) 


Dive into the world of drawing and learn how to do it. Look forward to an exclusive online experience in a small group under the guidance of real art experts.

Details at a glance

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • What is included: Access to the live stream and Recordings from the live stream.
  • What should I bring: All the utensils that you need for your drawing.
  • What will I be taking home: New drawing technics and tips on how to draw the perfect figure.

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with G Caruso

Explore figure drawing techniques across different eras and cultures with master figurative artist G Caruso.

Figure drawing has been part of the human artistic expression since the origins of society and culture. We will take a journey across history and the globe to observe and learn how the human body has been represented and how. We will learn different figure drawing styles and take inspiration from classical art and old masters alike.

This workshop is useful for anyone that is interested in drawing or painting the figure. Whether your goal is to paint Renaissance-style portraits in oil or create graphic characters on the computer, learning from art history is one of your most powerful tools. During this overview, you will discover tips and tricks, stylistic flourishes and material innovations that have been used by other artists and that you can adapt for your own work.

Topics covered:

  • History of Figure Drawing
  • Ancient forms of figure drawing
  • Classical figure drawing studies
  • Modern figure drawing studies

Our Online Workshop Format:

  • Livestreaming classes take place via online video conference (using Zoom). The instructor conducts live demos with step-by-step instruction so that you can work together in real time. You also have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback during class time.
  • We keep class sizes small and the atmosphere is interactive and supportive.
  • Finish exercises or practice at your own pace, at home, outside of class time.
  • Receive individual feedback on your completed work and exchange comments and questions with the instructor and your fellow workshop participants in an encouraging environment.
  • Find supplemental material and watch the progress of other participants by visiting the workshop Dropbox folder in between classes.
  • Recordings from each week’s livestreaming session are available in case you miss a class or want to review a demo.

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Ticket Information

Figure Drawing Techniques Workshop



Duration: 2 hours|| What is included: Access to the live stream and Recordings from the live stream

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Donnerstag, 09.09.2021

18:00 - 20:00  

Donnerstag, 16.09.2021

18:00 - 20:00  

Donnerstag, 23.09.2021

18:00 - 20:00  

Berlin Drawing Room offers workshops taught by professional artists since 2011with a focus on drawing and painting, based in the belief that everyone can learn how to draw! We believe that the experience of hands-on creation should be accessible to anyone and that drawing is not a skill reserved for art making but is an essential part of communication and perceiving the world. Join us for a hands on workshop online or in our Kreuzberg studio.

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