17 Sonntag

How to: Create Organic Face Serum

So, 17.10.2021 (17:30 - 19:30) CET
Schmilblick, Garden State Candles
Garden State Candles, Pettenkoferstraße, Berlin, Germany


Dive into the world of cosmetics and create your own organic face serum. Look forward to a personal experience in a small group under the guidance of Sarah Siri.

Details at a glance

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • What is included: All ingredients and materials that are needed to create your own face serum.
  • What should I bring: Just be in a good mood.
  • What will I be taking home: You’ll take your one of a kind products home.
  • Covid-19 protective measures:
    • You are required to bring and wear a mask
    • You must provide either proof of complete vaccination, proof of Covid-19 infection in the past 6 months, or a negative test taken no more than 24 hours prior to the start of the activity.

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Skincare Workshops with a pharmacist Sarah Siri.

The idea conceived in Bali and now realised in Berlin with the concept “Learn. Create. Apply.”. My mission is to raise awareness of yourself and nature. I strongly believe that through learning, creating and trying out your own products you achieve this in the best possible way. Simultaneously you will get to know how powerful and efficient organic ingredients are and how easy it is to create highly efficient products by yourself.

In this Skincare Workshop you will:
– Learn about your skin, the importance of skincare routine, about the power and use of the earth’s ingredients. We‘re going to address all misconceptions of using oils on different skin types.
– Create your personalised face serum with luxurious oils, essential oils and other nourishing ingredients adjusted to your skin type.
– Apply and try natural products using different techniques and, of course, apply your knowledge for creating at home.

In the end, you’ll take your one of a kind products home.

..all this in a beautiful and inspiring concept store and cafe Garden State Candles/Schmilblick in Friedrichshain.

+++ Also available as an exclusive group event!

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Ticket Information

Create Organic Face Serum



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Sonntag, 17.10.2021

17:30 - 19:30  CET
Sarah Siri Blejc
Sarah Siri Blejc

Pharmacist Sarah Siri Blejc is the founder of “Siriously Organic” – skincare workshops with the mission to raise the awareness for yourself and nature through learning, creating and trying out your own products. She is a an open-minded and decisive person, born in Switzerland, raised in Slovenia, and now living in vibrant Berlin, who always seeks adventure, sports, music and loves to spend her time in nature. Her curiosity about the “mysterious” ingredients of the products and their role, along with having problematic skin herself, made her always put quality and effectiveness in the first place. This is where her passion for experimenting, creating and testing nourishing ingredients and aromas comes from. Later it also led her to study pharmacy, which she successfully completed with a master degree in 2016.

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