Online Seminar - Black Tea [Module 2] incl. Product Box

Immerse yourself in the world of tea. You can also look forward to an exclusive online experience with the informative guidance of a tea expert. Taste through three different teas and find your favorite tea.
Team events and private groups
Suitable for groups!
What's included
Before the tasting, you will receive a product box with the tea.

Class description

In the world of black teas there are many varieties to discover. Each has its own flavor characteristics unique to the area where they are grown, which allows a great diversity of facets. Together we will explore the world of black teas and see what potential it holds. With each purchase of a ticket to our online seminar, we will send the three teas in focus (4g samples) to your home to encourage your full participation. 


  • Queen's Grace
  • Savanna Gold
  • 1876

Details to remember

What to bring?
 Just be in a good mood.
What is included?
 Before the tasting, you will receive a product box with the tea.

Paper and Tea

P & T - Paper & Tea feiert seine Liebe zum Tee mit vielen Workshops vor Ort und Seminaren als Online-Events. Paper & Tea ist bekannt als Pioneer des hochwertigen Teegenuss. In verschiedenen Workshops und Kursen könnt Ihr in die Welt des Tees eintauchen. Vor den Events werden die passenden Teeproben zu Euch nach Hause geschickt, sodass Ihr alles in Ruhe am Tag des Seminars vorbereiten können.