Feedback Sessions

Benefit from two experts (kalligraphy & lettering) giving you a sincere and respectful feedback
What's included
2 sessions on Zoom with two experts.
Team events and private groups
Suitable as a team event!
The workshop takes place on Zoom.

Class description

Have you ever looked for an opportunity to benefit from sincere and constructive comments on your work?

Over the last year, The Flourish Club has grown into a friendly and respectful group of artists. There is a common goal of improving, of learning, and of sharing, and encouraging each other in our love of flourished work. 

We believe that friendly, but honest feedback and open discussion about our craft are a very valuable and useful resource that can help us all grow as artists.

This workshop is a personalized service to help you focus on details of your own work, whether it is lettering or calligraphic pieces. The two sessions will be co-hosted by Miranda Songer (Copperplate) and Robert Bree (Lettering) together, so you can get your feedback from two experts in their field.

The group size is limited to 6, as we know that it takes courage to give and accept feedback. But, at The Flourish Club, we think that friendly and constructive, but open dialogue has great potential to help us improve; we can all learn, and be encouraged by our peers as well as by our teachers.

These sessions will focus on giving every artist an opportunity for mindful discussion about their work. Both Robert and Miranda believe in the power of social media for friendly, respectful and honest discussion.

Please note that the workshop will be divided into two 90-minute sessions.

4.6.2022: 16.30 - 18.00 Uhr
19.6.2022: 16.30 - 18.00 Uhr

Details to remember

What to bring?

The workshop ist divided in two sessions 90 minutes each. For the first session you send in advance 1-2 pieces of work you like to have a feedback for. For the second session you will get a personalised homework you need to do after the first session.

What is included?

2 sessions on zoom

4.6.2022 - 16.30 - 18.00 Uhr
19.6.2022 - 16.30 - 18.00 Uhr

Robert Bree

Hallo, ich bin Robert aus München. Ich visualisiere individuelle Designlösungen und bin spezialisiert auf Buchstaben. Regelmäßig gebe ich deutschlandweit oder über Zoom Workshops zu den Themen Handlettering und Brushlettering. Ich freue mich auf Deinen Besuch! Und solltest Du Interesse haben, dass ich in Deinen Räumlichkeiten oder an Deinem Ort einen Workshop halte, ist das auch möglich.


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