En Plein Air Painting in Schöneberg

Dive into the world of En Plein Air Painting and learn how to do it. Look forward to an exclusive experience in a small group under the guidance of real art experts.
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Team events and private groups
This art class is especially suited for teamevents.
What's included
Learn how to do En Plain Air Painting and unfold your creativity.

Class description

En Plein Air Painting-Workshop [English]

Discover the quiet pleasure of sitting in the landscape and painting.

with G Caruso

G will share their favorite spots in Berlin for painting, introduce you to beloved trees and guide you through the process of creating a  gouache landscape painting during this small group workshop. Through detailed step-by-step demos and individual tutoring, you will learn how to paint on location. Depending on the location, you will learn tips and tricks on rendering landscape features such as water, architecture, plants and trees efficiently and expressively. 

You will learn:

  • How to set up your materials when painting outdoors.
  • How to select a composition for plein air painting.
  • From start to finish, how to create a landscape painting in gouache.
  • Specific techniques inspired by your location.

Painting with gouache

Gouache is a painting medium very close to watercolor, in fact, if you already have a watercolor palette, you just need to buy a tube of white and you’re ready to go! The difference between gouache and watercolor is mainly the fact that gouache is opaque and allows more rework and layering than the unforgiving watercolor. Gouache could be a comforting interlude before getting back to your watercolor practice or a valuable tool for creating studies for future oil or acrylic paintings.

Plein-Air Locations:

Each session will take place in a different cemetery in Berlin. G has been painting with students in cemeteries for the past couple of years on a regular basis, weather permitting and has found these oases in the city center to be more than just a welcome respite from the usual hustle and bustle. The   Romantic   (think   Romanticism   of   Caspar David Friedrich , not hearts and roses) combination of architecture and landscape, trees and ruins, paths and angels is enough to delight the sensibilities of poets and painters alike. The quiet and contemplative atmosphere lends itself to a mindfulness practice of observation while painting. And did we mention .. shade!

Covid-19 update  : This workshop will take place outdoors and all current safety guidelines will be followed, including wearing masks and social distancing.

Details to remember

What to bring?

 Just be in a good mood. 


What is included?
  • What is included: Detailed step-by-step demos and individual tutoring.
  • What will I be taking home: Your own gouache landscape painting!


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