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Scented Candle Making in Kreuzberg

Dive into the world of scented candle-making. Look forward to a personal experience in a small group under the guidance of professionals from garden state candles.

Teamevents und private Gruppen
Also available as an exclusive group event!
Welche Leistungen inklusive sind
You will learn how to create your own scented candle with all the materials needed for this class.
The location is near the station "S+U Frankfurter Allee"


Reminisce about your favorite memory or let the power of scent inspire you to create your very own fragrance for your personalized candle. Maya, founder of Garden State Candles, creates her own unique fragrances by blending pure essential oils with fine botanical fragrance oils from France to create her natural candle collection. 

Join Maya on an olfactory journey during her candle making workshop and learn how to make your very own scented candle! You will be guided through the step-by-step process of candle making, gain knowledge about the advantages of using a natural soy wax, the various healing properties of essential oils and tips about fragrance blending. 

After measuring and freshly blending all ingredients of your candle by hand, the soy wax is allowed to cool, then poured into recyclable glass vessels for curing. With every candle purchase, Garden State is proud to donate a portion of its profits to Animal Rescue Shelters around the world. Workshop participants get to enjoy 10% on all candles purchased the same day.

Language: english

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Welche Leistungen inklusive sind

All materials and ingredients that are needed to create your own scented candle.

5.0 - 1 Bewertung
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Adresse: Hier findet der Kurs statt.
Scented Candle Making in Kreuzberg - Graefestraße, 20, Berlin - BE, 10967, Deutschland